Janko, Krul' Albanskaj

Janko, Krul' Albanskaj was a project by one Henry Zalkin. His given name was Heikki Huhtanen. Zalkin was a musician, writer, interpreter and an enthusiastic person of many interests: industrial and electronic music, languages, politics, cult movies, literature and anything possible in popular culture.

In addition to Janko, Krul' Albanskaj, Henry Zalkin had a number of other music projects, most of them remaining unknown to public. An exception is Bulimia, an ethno-industrial project somewhat influenced by Muslimgauze, that had tracks released on several compilation albums in the mid 90's. He also played classical music in an orchestra in Helsinki, samples of which he used in some of his own music.

During 1999 Zalkin was giving the finishing touches to a Janko, Krul' Albanskaj album to be released on the Finnish label Some Place Else. It was only some weeks after he had delivered the completed material that the bad news arrived. Zalkin had died on heart attack on September 5, 1999. He was 24 years old.

The album was released in early 2001. It bears a cryptic title Ekezhhm, Gyuvel Pyuganlahkh Aektspyud?, the meaning of which probably only Zalkin knew. It remains Zalkin's only full-length album to date.

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