Chaos Never Died

Outside resources
Recommended sources for further information. Web sites, mailing lists et cetera.
Specularium (Peter J. Carroll)
Phil Hine
Jaq D Hawkins aka Mark Chao
Chaos Matrix
Death and Hell
The Writings of Hakim Bey
Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth
William S. Burroughs
Chaos Worldwide
Z (Cluster)
Defining Chaos
by Jaq D Hawkins aka Mark Chao
A nice introduction to the subject, starting with Austin Osman Spare and onward to Chaos Magick & Chaos Science. New and revised version uploaded Oct. 7, 2001.
The Book of Pleasure - self-love, the psychology of ecstasy.
Anathema of Zos - the Sermon to the Hypocrite. An automatic writing by Spare.
For more resources, Spare's art etc. see

...on a lighter note:
Konfuson - The five year plan for transforming the English language to a more accessible EuroEnglish.
Coil - the Archangels of Chaos bring you the Musick to play in the Dark. Persistence is All.
NEW! Download the Coil Sonar 2000 gig as a realaudio file! Cover art for CD jewel case also included. It is right here.
Chaos Never Dies is an archive of essential reading for everyone interested in the principles, practice and philosophy of Chaos. The material has been collected from various sources. Copyright of each work is as stated on the particular publication. has no rights over anything, we merely keep them online for the purpose of spreading information. If you like the stuff, support the authors by buying their actual books!
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Principia Discordia
by Malaclypse the Younger 6050 kb
"or - How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her" - html version available here.
Liber MMM
by Peter J. Carroll 101 kb
The Studentship Syllabus of the 4° IOT. An exercise in the disciplines of magical trance, a form of mind control having similarities to yoga, personal metamorphosis, and the basic techniques of magic.
Oven Ready Chaos
by Phil Hine 434 kb
Originally published by Chaos International Publications in 1992, under the title of Condensed Chaos. This on-line version has a different title so as not to cause undue confusion regarding the book Condensed Chaos, as published by New Falcon Publications, 1995.
by Phil Hine 207 kb
Four essays that reflect different areas of the author's magical work.
Aspects of evocation
by Phil Hine 362 kb
This collection of essays, written between 1988-95, deals with aspects of the practice of magical evocation.
Group Explorations in Ego Magick by Phil Hine 216 kb
This essay explores Ego Magic techniques within the context of a group. Originally conceived as part of a series of technical papers for IOT UK.